Purrrfect treats for Cat People...or their kitties

SPECIAL SUMMER BONUS: Purchases of $75 or more will receive a free Catnap Gift Card (that's a $20 value, Hoomin!) Plus, you get warm fuzzies knowing that your purchase supports Koneko's mission of finding a forever home for every adoptable cat in New York City. So fill up that shopping cart MEOW!

Our Koneko family

Many individuals, companies, and brands have contributed to Koneko’s mission of finding forever homes for at-risk cats in New York City. Please join us in supporting them.


Food: Science Diet

Science Diet provides 100% of the nutrition for our cats. 



Litter: World’s Best Cat Litter

Ten out of ten cats agree: World’s Best is the best.



Public Relations: Mrs. Sizzle







Brand Design: From the Road Consulting



Operations Consulting: Alexis Miesen